APCA founded the Island Club Cabaret for purposes of presenting musicals, revues and premier entertainment, as well as to feature new artists.

APCA also established a theater and poetry workshop in order to encourage young people to be moral and well-rounded individuals who understand their social responsibility to others. A focus is on providing a wide range of meaningful activities that will challenge the children, enlighten their lives as well as others they interact with. APCA also believes that a child can be more resourceful in school if the child has had a significant variety of activities and a foundation of ethics. Their work will provide an awe-inspiring view of the broad cultures worldwide.

APCA's mission is to educate, motivate and elevate the children. APCA's sincere commitment to the future of the young people is reflected in its work with the award-winning Coastal Youth Theatre of Voices, a theater and poetry ensemble.


Coastal Youth Theatre of Voices (The Harlem Renaissance)
is an award-winning theatre and poetry ensemble. Coastal Youth applies theatre to illustrate the beauty of language and artistic expressions.

The group focuses on the importance of dialogue, oratorical skills, poetry, dance, music and song. Coastal Youth appreciates and celebrates the events and the people who contributed to the African American struggle and survival.

Coastal Youth has performed in churches, schools; colleges, cultural centers, festivals; Ritz Theater, Brunswick, Georgia; Jacoby Symphony Hall, Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, Jacksonville, Florida; APEX Museum, Atlanta, Georgia; Black Youth Leadership Development Institute, Savannah, Georgia; Trustee Theatre, Savannah, Georgia; St. Helena Island, South Carolina; World AIDS Day, Brunswick, Georgia.

The young people are hopeful that their great work will encourage all youth and enhance communities. Performances include The Harlem Renaissance;The Underground Railroad; Tribute to Tupac;In Search of a Brilliant Mind; Poetry Extravaganza; Young People's Club of Black History; Our Soul is a Witness - Feel the Spirit; ThanksGiving Parade; Earth and Rice.

Coastal Youth can be reached at 912.230.2834, 912.230.2831 or coastalyouth@aol.com.