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Vivian LaViv Mitchell

Vivian (LaViv) Mitchell presents Georgia Sea Islanders in brilliant and bold blues, greens, reds and yellows within a universal garden of hue characteristics. Her technical mastery and beauty exist in a profound expression in oil, acrylic, watercolor, on sculptures, ceramics, murals, the braiding of a lady's hair or historically presenting a village on large panels of the Sea Islanders' way of life. Vivian uses the canvas as a universal arena in order to experience tints, shades and colors in complete harmony. Art is a sacred place. Her artistic life accents passion, fervor and instinct. Yes, she illustrates her appreciation of art in bold hues and designs as though it's a dance on the canvas.
Vivian is a graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, Ohio. She frequents different mediums and techniques with a narrative of inspiration and joy. Her extraordinary work is between impressionism and expressionism with an outline of modern movements. Vivian's artistic expression develops color, line and composition into a unique significance - a breadth of life. She is most happy when her work evokes dialogue.

Art Galleries / Libraries - Ohio, Florida and Georgia

Commissions of Art for A Project For Cultural Affairs:
. Mural of African Americans in History
. Amistad and The Wanderer
. Portrait of Langston Hughes
. Painting of Harlem Renaissance Poets
. Collaboration of a large Installation with Dee Williams - "Where the Spirit is in the Water"

Vivian Mitchell