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Gene, a gifted and accomplished artist in the Sea Islands, has sold paintings in Europe and throughout the United States. He uses colors to overwhelm the canvas capturing people, life in the community and religion. Gene features African American folklore. His artistic expressions emphasize zeal and character, which any eye can see illustrated in his mastery of art. He emphasizes passion and character, which can be seen in the "Family" a larger eye depicting his subjects as having a clear vision or a keen insight, as "we have always seen and we have always known." He expresses honesty, the mood and time of a people, place and cultural events. His paintings reveal beauty and strength of a people who embody his idea of truth.

In 1996, Gene was diagnosed with total kidney failure. Although he underwent rigorous dialysis treatments three times a week for four hours a day, nothing would stop this determined artist. Four years later in the year 2000, Gene received a kidney transplant. His fervor for the arts would be more intensified. Interaction between a meeting of a master artist and the earlier impact of his health condition, Gene continues to produce stirring and magnificent works of art.

Gene relocated to Brunswick and the Golden Isles from Butler, Georgia when he was a teen. Since his teenage years Gene has delved in many careers: art, teacher and banking. Gene graduated from Valdosta State University where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts. He is presently working towards his Ph.D. in Fine Arts. He can be reached at threatsgene@yahoo.com