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K-SEEZ Photography

Kenneth Carroll is a native of Brunswick, Georgia who has an "eye" for capturing beauty through his photography. Growing up in Fancy Bluff afforded him many opportunities to explore nature and develop an appreciation and love for people and his surroundings. Through the lens of his camera he has been able to seize this appreciation and love to share with others.

Kenneth is a photographer with a zeal for life. He did not buy his first digital camera until 2003. Since then he has come to realize that photography is not forced or deliberate. Though having no schooling or training in photography he has been able to capture what he "seez" as the art, energy, and potential in the subjects that he photographs. While respecting the contributions digital technology allows he chooses not to use any enhancement programs. His goal is to capture the raw and intentional characteristics of his subjects. The total sum of each shot adheres to the overall purpose of each photograph.

His photographs are spontaneous moments frozen in time. He "seez" what is often overlooked or taken for granted as worthy of a second glance.

1. September 2009 Jekyll Island Art Association exhibit at Goodyear Cottage entitled "Feeling Golden" with Atlanta sculptor Susan Clayton.

2. December 2008 through March 2009, he did an exhibition (B&W) with photographer Margaret Woodson Nea (color) at the Wachovia /A.G.Edwards Investment Firm on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

3. The 2008 Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia awarded Kenneth with the Award of Excellence - Best in Show Monochrome as well as the Cokes Camera Center Award. He also received two 1st place ribbons in the following categories: Monochrome People and Monochrome Action. He also placed 2nd in the Monochrome Photojournalism category.

4. Slow Exposures is a nationally recognized ACP (Atlanta Celebrates Photography) event -juried exhibition celebrating photography of the rural south. For 2007 (5th Year Anniversary) there were over 600 entries submitted and 81 photographs selected for exhibition. Kenneth's "Waiting for Relief..." was one of the accepted juried entries. The exhibit was on display in Pike County Georgia in September 2007 and published in their self titled book with all the juried photographs.

5. He was featured in an exhibit entitled "Hopes and Dreams" at the McIntosh Old Jail Art Center from July 1 - August 30, 2008.

6. Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association sponsored a juried exhibition in February 2008. This Coastal Heritage Exhibition, in honor of Mildred Wilcox Huie, judged works according to artistic merit; their historical value; how creatively the work was executed and essentially what the work tells about local history and culture in the Golden Isles. Kenneth received an Award of Merit for his photograph "End of an Era".

7. Glynn Arts Association sponsored a juried exhibition in July 2007 entitled "Welcome to My World". Kenneth had three photographs accepted for this show. These were "On the Edge", "Pink" and "Retreat Oaks".

Hopefully you will enjoy what this 9 year journey has produced.

(Addr.)-2111 Clairmont Lane Brunswick Ga. 31520
Kenneth Carroll (912) 617-4269 www.kseezphotography.com
e-mail: kenneth@kseezphotography.com