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Georgia Geechee-Gullah Shouters , individuals from the community of Darien located in McIntosh County, Georgia, are one hundred percent Georgia Geechee-Gullah ancestry, including the manager, Griffin Lotson, who has traced his ancestral roots to Africa. Elizabeth Temple, one of the original members of the GA Geechee-Gullah Shouters, born in 1934, learned the "shout" when she was a child. She believes people without a history are a lost generation. The group is committed to embracing, preserving, and protecting the historical and cultural heritage of the Georgia Geechee legacy through song and dance for the benefit of present and future generations. GA Geechee-Gullah Shouters' goal is to keep the original "shout" as authentic as possible from 1800 to the present. The Southeastern Ring Shout is probably the oldest surviving African American performance tradition on the North American continent. This compelling fusion of counterclockwise dance like movement, the call-and-response singing, the percussion of hand clapping and, the stick beating of a drum-like rhythm on a wooden floor is clearly African in its origins. The ring shout, originally and presently, affirms oneness with the Spirit and the Ancestors as well as community cohesiveness