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b. October 4, 1970 in Brunswick, Georgia-Glynn County-"The Golden Isles" I grew up in Coastal Georgia hearing our history, learning the songs, being shaped by the unspoken truths of our areas foundation.

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1993 and began teaching art to children. I pursued other occupations within the art field but always came back to teaching. I taught art exclusively until 2009 when I began focusing on early childhood development, especially the two-five year old range.

During the day, I am a Primary Lead Teacher in the Montessori School. When I leave the school grounds, I become a wife, a mother of four, and on a good day-an artist. I paint late at night when everyone has gone to bed or steal time on the weekends that are not filled with family activities.

Current projects include:
Tomorrow People Project- created by Sharon Marley (Bob Marley's oldest daughter) in order to integrate Montessori into the Jamaican school system. I have been sending material and planning a visit to work with Ms. Marley and Ms. Vicky DeLilla (South Florida Montessori Education Center) in teacher-training programs.

Series of paintings based on "Crossing Over"

Featured in:
"Stoking the Creative Fires" by Phil Cousineau
We'Moon Datebook 2012
We'Moon Datebook 2013

Artist Statement:

I have two distinct memories from childhood. The first was that I was deathly afraid of butterflies (which I am glad to say is no longer an issue). The second memory contains my first artistic experience. At five years old, I put paint to paper and I was transformed. I was instantly spellbound by the effect I could achieve with the simple use of color and line, the soothing experience I felt in the creative process. Since that time, I've had memories flood my mental cavities. I have endured many life-changing experiences. The one constant that has remained is my love for the arts and the inescapable need to create.

Through time and experiences, my work has taken on a storyteller quality. Each piece interweaves dream, symbol and reality. I am fascinated with the skeletal make-up of all things-whether it is the delicate framework of a fairy turning to dust or the inner workings of the bride waiting for her groom. My paintings are based on the realities of my perspective. My love of art history, spirituality and philosophy has expanded my use of symbols and allows me to touch on those archaic remnants that reside inside the human psyche.Every painting begins as a seed as it evolves into a meditative process. The work becomes my meditation, as I am transfixed by the piece until it is completed.

I have not been committed to one genre, theme or medium throughout my painting career. I believe I have been very sensitive to the nature of the work and chosen material that best represents each piece. I go through phases of cut paper, found objects, oil, acrylic, pastels, gouache, colored bees-wax and quite often I will have several projects going at one time. I have learned the value of completion and perseverance as these paintings and I go through a growing process together. Just as a mother gives life to a child, a soul gives life to a painting. My work is the truest reflection of my soul's journey.