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Elaine George-Asaro, nee Elaine George, native of New York City in the Village of Harlem, expresses art and ideas in acrylic and occasionally oils on canvas, paper, stone, rock and other earth forms. Though her specialty is portraiture, she also presents eye-catching, royal power, intelligence and joy on wall hanging quilts with African symbols and her favorite cowrie beads. "I feel a certain joy when a wall hanging is completed, as some quilts take many months or years to complete." Upon acceptance to SCAD and the Savannah Art Association, Elaine honed her artistic fervor and thus, a professional artist emerged. She has exhibited two one-woman shows in Savannah, Georgia: Angel House Café and SPACE. She resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she is a proud associate of the Art community. Elaine can be contacted at 912-920-7482. Website: www.wix.com/genjiblue/elainegeorgeasaro