We have come to reclaim the house of history. We are dedicated to the revision of the role of the African in the world’s great civilizations, the contribution of Africa to the achievement of man in the arts and sciences. We shall emphasize what Africa has given to the world, not what it has lost. Ivan Van Sertima

A Project for Cultural Affairs (APCA), along with a community of family and friends, launched the Sea Islands Black Heritage Festival – (many islands, many people), as a venue to celebrate the history, culture, and majesty of the African people the world over. SIBHF is deeply motivated to present educational and cultural expressions to America's sea coastal communities and beyond with the goal of linking people and communities through cultural expressions.

APCA believes that when looking back to hear the voices in the wings, we keep alive the spirit of a people who carved out a language from many tongues in order to dialogue, build communities, and to express joyful expressions one another creatively, scientifically and spiritually.

Our mission is to learn, teach, and heal through the arts; to preserve the way of life, heritage, arts and letters of the African American and African societies throughout the Diaspora.

The culture, experiences and struggles of Black people are not limited to the African and African American communities. They are global in nature and reflect the worldwide presence of peoples of color and those who have persevered in the face of adversity. It is in the collaboration among all people that APCA strongly establishes a global community where diverse backgrounds come together to share ideas and cultures.